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I have come to the conclusion that we should not vote any incumbent back in. If they are in office now they are a part of the problem. I know some will say,our Senator or Representative is good for us, but is he or she good for these UNITED STATES of AMERICA; you know we are one nation under God. Granted there are some who try to make a show. In order to send the right message to Washington, "that we are mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore." We must start with all new elected officials from city council all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I know some will say if we elect all new members they will not know how to run our country. Well how is all this HOPE and CHANGE working out for you now? Not to say anything about the debt for our children and g-children. Just think, if we go to the polls and vote this year 2010 again in 2012 and again in 2014, don't you think in the year 2014 Washington will have gotten our message? If we follow this plan in the year 2014 we will have taken back America.

August 7, 2013


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Detroit  is bankrupt. The water has been shut  off in parts of New York and Washington D. C. People are being killed in Syria by the thousands. Unemployment is rampant, the national debt is almost Seventeen Trillion Dollars. Our elected officials are on Vacation. What a wonderful Country we live in.

Hear is the kicker:  Obama wants to talk about Trayvon Martin.

Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

June 17, 2013


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  To those that are students of history, do you remember a Country named Rhodesia? In 1980 Great Britten granted independence to Rhodesia, the powers that be changed the name to Zimbabwe. Today they can’t even feed themselves.

Guess who’s in charge.

  Detroit, Mi.

The first Banana Republic City in America.

About five years ago I did an indept study about Detroit and found this. The school board was writing 28 checks each month to people that did not exist. The Mayor’s name was Kwame Kilpatrick. He has already served 18 months in jail and still faceses up to 20-30 years in prison. He once said we don’t need the white man to tell us what to do.

Guess who’s in charge.

  Prichard, Al.

The city stop paying it’s 150 retirees Pension Benefits in Sept. 2009.

Guess who’s in charge.

  Savannah, Ga.  OOP’S

Always raising Texes.

Guess who’s in charge.

  1600 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.  OOP’S

Washington, D C 20500

Always raising taxes and helping the Muslim World.

Guess who’s in charge.

   If you think it’s not so, just hide and watch.

Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

February 18, 2013


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It was only a few days ago 1/23/13  that Hillary Clinton appeared before the Senate then the next day befor Congress, about Benghazi. I think she did a wonderful job at evading the truth, she danced around it all day long. Last year on 9/11/12, Secretary Clinton finally got that 3 A.M. phone call. Her failure to answer leaves a permanent black mark on her record. Just what did she accomplish before those committees?

When Hillary ran in the primary for the nomination she in-cured a campaign debt of millions. Some have said as much as 25 million. I don’t know the exact figure, but I do know it was in the millions, and yes I used the past tense. It seems that her debt was paid off the same week she gave her testimony. You go figure! Her testimony sealed her nomination in 2016 if she wants to run, Obama will have to support her because she saved his ass. We will deal more with that fact in our next article.

I will try to paint a picture of Hillary Clinton and will only use the facts that are before me. In her testimony before the committees she made this famous statement “What difference does it make now” well I guess it makes all the difference in the world since Americans were dying and still are. Hillary did use the forbidden word “jihadists” in her testimony. That in and of its self was against  Obama’s rule in his administration he has forbid anyone to refer to a Muslim world as jihadists. Well I guess I can understand that from him since he is one also. Hillary railed against jihadists, but just the month before she accused Israel of lacking “empathy” with and ” generosity”” toward the “Palestinian” jihadists. She was demanding that Jews empathize with their annihilators.  She wanted Jews to “be generous” with those obsessed with their quest to eliminate the Jewish State. She railed against jihadists,before the committees, but she had partnered with them in Egypt, Libya,Gaza and Syria. Just five days before there was rioting in the streets of Cairo Egypt Hillary said Egypt was stable.

This is the sum of what the Ameerican public got out of these meetings, the Administration needs more money.

My after thought in all this mess is what will happen to Huma Abedin now?

Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

February 1, 2013


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#1Tobacco Use                                                     529,000

#2Medical Errors                                                195,000

#3 unintentional Injuries                                118,021

#4 Alchol Abuse                                                 107,400

#5Motor Vehicle Accidents                          34,485

#6 Unintentional Poisoning                          31,758

#7 Drug Abuse                                                   25,500

#8 Unintentional Falls                                   24,792

#9 NON-FIREARM HOMICIDES                16,799

#10 FIREARM HOMICIDES                       11,493

  According to the FBI, the #1 weapon used in VIOLENT CRIMES is a BASEBALL BAT.


  Maybe because so many law-abiding citizens enjoy them safely, for sports?


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  What a tragedy that happened at Newtown, Conn.. We are all shocked at this happening and wonder why something like this could happen. We all are wondering who is to blame for this carnage. We don’t need to ask God because He has been invited out of the schools in America, so we must look else where for an answer. The question remains who is to blame. Are we to blame guns? Are we to blame Adam Lanza? Are we to blame our Government? Are we to blame his parents? Just who should we blame? We will try to answer that question in this article.

  We will look  at the first one now. What will a gun do left alone with only the gun to be under consideration? There has never been a time when a gun left to it’s own killed anyone. Guns do not kill people kill. If a person has a desire to kill and there is no gun around they will find some other way to kill, and the sooner America comes to grip with that fact, will we begin to solve the problem.

  Are we to blame Adam Lanza? It seems from all accounts this young man was not of his right mind. Even the picture of this man tells the story. Don’t miss understand my heart goes out to him and I ask myself WHY? I will never in this world understand why these things happen, but they do. I’m afraid there are many in the same condition as Adam was in and that in America to be sure. Before I go further let me refresh your memory. The LAW that was on the scene said from the get go that the long gun was left in his Mother’s car. That was changed when the LIBERALS saw they could make a point for gun CONTROL That is when they started talking about an ASSAULT RIFLE. Just remember the only guns found in the school were FOUR HAND GUNS.

  Where should America place the blame for this tragedy? On the Government, well maybe some there should be a law that would place someone like Adam in a place where he could get the right treatment,don’t get me wrong anyone should have to go before at least TWO Professionals before being placed in a place where they can get treatment. I believe the blame lies with the FAMILY. Now I will tell you why. First of all the only facts I have about this case I received from the NEWS MEDIA.It was said by the Media, the mother told the sitter don’t turn your back on Adam not even to go to the bath room. That should tell us something about this man and the knowledge his mother had about him. She must have known he was an accident looking for a place to happen. If she knew then it stands to reason that his father knew also his brother, even though his brother said he had not seen his brother in two years. The mother left the guns where Adam could get them that is a fact.Well what should be done to stop this kind of thing from happening again, if any? I will lay out what would stop this kind of thing from ever happening again, it may sound hard to some of you, but it would be fair.

  First all the assets the mother had should be seized, second all the assets of the father should be seized also plus 50% of his future earnings, third all the assets of the brother should be seized plus 50% of all his future earnings. These funds should be made available to all the victims and their families. Now you  may say this is too harsh treatment. Well compared to the VICTIMS is it really?

  Come back soon we will be writing about Hillary?????????????

November 24, 2012


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In a nut Shell here is why Obama won the election.

Obama inherited a bigger economic than most people thought.

The U.S. economy is recovering, but Obama needs more time.

Obama cares more for the common man than Romney.

True or not this was in the mind of the people who voted.

This is the only time that I know of that Perception over ruled Reality.

Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

October 7, 2012


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Something happened on March 16th 2012 on a Friday afternoon that America did not pay attention to. I sometimes wonder if America cares anymore. Do you know what ‘Executive Order-National Defence Resources Preparedness” is, and what it means? Well let me try and explain that order to you. That Order means Obama has control of all resources in America. That includes but is not limited to food, livestock, water, plants,energy,health resources, transportation and construction materials this gives the Government the ability to control the general distribution of any material, including applicable services in this civilian market.

 Now let’s just see what all this means. First our Constitution is gone. Elections will be canceled. If you have ever said anything bad about Obama you will have NO PHONE LAND LINE OR CELL, AND OH YES NO INTERNET. IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE THIS YOU ARE FULL OF PELOSI AND YOU ARE IN NEED OF AN ENEMA.

  I will try an explain how this will work. If Obama sees he is going to lose the election, he will cause an up rising, maybe from the Muslim world or from the black of America, either way it will be at his command. ( You do know that the white man of America  is afraid of the black man of America. You just told yourself a lie because you said no I’m not, and you know you are). There will be a staged attempted on Obama’s life to give him cause to declare Martial Law. If he wins this election he will do his best to become a dictator in the next 4 years, and if he fails at that he  then will declare Martial Law. One way or the other Obama will declare Martial Law.

  Much talk about all the ammunition that our Government is buying as we speak including hollow-points. America is wondering why so I will tell you in TEN WORDS.  (AMMUNITION WILL BE USED TO KILL THOSE OPPOSED TO OBAMA). Oh, so now you call me a radical. Well if I had told you 5 years ago that our Government would have taken from the stock holder and given to the UNION you would have call me a nut case,WELL?

  There is a way to stop all this, unless it is too late  and it is spelled out in the introduction to my Blog.

  I’m mad as hell and i’m not going to take it anymore!!!!

  Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

September 21, 2012


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  Before I get into the questions I want to ask America do you know when the Dem. took control of the Senate and the House? They took control in 2007. The Dem. were in control for 4 years two under Bush 43 and 2 under Obama. Do you know when the Dem. last produced a budget? We as Americans should take a long and hard look at nothing but the facts.

  Don’t get the wrong idea about my stand as for as parties are concerned, I am independent and glad of  that fact. I left the Republican Party in March 2005, I should say the Republican Party left me. That’s when Bush 43 had a meeting with Fox President of Mexico and Martin Primer Minister of Canada. They met in Waco Texas and set in motion THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION. If you know anything about this program then you know it is against our COUNSTITUTION. Any President that goes against our CONSTITUTION SHOULD BE TRIED FOR TREASON. Even the last trip Bush 43 made to South America and the things he said on foreign soil, many have said he should be tried for Treason for those statements. Bush 43 is a Globalist so is bush 41. You should remember when Bush 41 was in Office he would talk about a NEW WORLD ORDER. To make this short the Republicans have a hard time finding a leader of any kind that has any fire in their belly for America.

  Now to the questions I have for America would you please consider these questions as tho your life depended on it. And it may well be so.

  #1 Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?

  #2 If so to what or to whom do you account for that betterment?

  #3 If not to what or to whom do you account for this down fall

  #4 Do you think Obama will declare Martial Law?

  #5 If Martial Law is declared would you loose any freedom?

  #6 If so what freedom would you loose?

  #7 Would you be willing to give up your fire arms?

  #8 How would you explain what happen to America to your children and G-Children?

  #9 Would you be willing to defend America for your Children and G-Children?

  #10 Are you wlling and able to take a stand NOW?

  America can not get the facts from the News Media. They have lost sight of the fact that a reporter should report only the facts. You can get more of the truth from the Internet than TV or News Papers in this day and age. Just think about what I have said and let God guide you.

  Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

September 13, 2012


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Sometime in Mid July at the close of Shepard Smith’s 7 pm eastern time slot he said Michele Bachmann made a statement about the Muslim Brotherhood without any evidence. All Michele ask had Huma been VETED and I want to know don’t you? I think Smithand Fox News owe Michele an apology. We will for the sake of the truth take a look at what Michele Bachmann was talking about.

You must remember Huma Abedin Weiner is and has always been a practicing Muslim. She was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. When she was two, her family moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Her father was an alumnus of Aligarh Muslim University and an Islamic Scholar, he was from India. He passed when Huma was 17 years old. Her mother was from Pakistan, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, PhD, is an associate professor of sociology at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddeh. Huma returned to the U. S. and attended George Washington University.

Huma Abedin Weiner began working as an intern for the White House in 1996 and was assigned to Hillary Rodham Clinton. Think with me for a moment Huma came back to America at about the age of 18 and attended George Washington University , at the age of 21 she began her work as an intern in the White House . She spent 15 0r 16 years in Saudi Arabia then returned to the U. S. at roughly the age of 21 she began her work as an intern in the white House, this is a massive SECURITY BREACH. WAS HUMA VETED AT THAT TIME? I don’t think that was anything new with the Clinton’s Huma is known as”Hillary Clinton’s secret weapon.” This was before Clinton-Lewinsky sex scandal.Huma ascended the ranks with positions as a personalaid and advisor to then Senator Clinton as well as a “traveling Chief of Staff” during her presidential campaign. She now serves as Deputy Chief of Staff to Sec. Clinton. Huma is known as a “woman body” to Hillary Clinton, that is no one gets in to see Hillary unless Huma gives the O K . Even for cocktails or anything else. Before her marriage to The Wiener she lived in a neighborhood that she could NOT AFFORD ON HER GOVERNMENT SALARY. The neighborhood is around 12th and U street New York City, you can check it out. Apartments price range was $500,000, $750,000, $1000,000. and more. YOU GO FIGURE!!!!!

Huma’s motheris a member of the Muslin Sisterhood.  Her brother is also tied to the brotherhood’s radical leadership.  How is it that the Western Media did not tell America about all this?  Her brother Hassan Abedinhas worked with Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talalon on a program of “spreading Islam to the west.”  (Oxford University’s) Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (OCIS) list Huma’s brother as a fellow.  He partnered with a number of Muslim Brotherhood members on the Board, including al-Qaeda associate Omar Nasceef and notorious Muslim Brotherhood leader4 Sheikh Youssef Qaradawi.  Georgetown University has a Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (CMCU), was endowed in December 2005 by a $20 million grant from this Saudi Prince.  He also gave another $20 million for a similar center, which promoted an extremist Wahhabi agenda.

This Saudi Prince is the one and same that gave the City of New York a check for $10 million after 9/11 and Mayor Rudy Giuliani gave it back and told the Prince to stickl it@#!^&%.  This is also the same Prince that is the biggest stock holder in News Corp the parent company of Fox News, outside the Murdock Family.  Alwaleed has boasted in the past about forcing Fox News to change its content relating to its coverage of riots in Paris.  Alwaleed has let the world know that he can get things taken off Fox News when he finds them objectionable and has in the past.  If you had been paying attention in the last few years Fox begin to back off the hard stance they took in the beginning.  Don’t think that I have wondered off the subject all these things are connected.

Now back to the wedding of Anthony and Huma, even if Anthony did convert to Islam, for this marriage to be valid in the Muslim world there would have to be an Iman perform the ceremony, and unless Bill Clinton has converted to Islam there was no Imanthat performed the ceremony.  That being the case the Muslim world does not sanction this marriage.  You remember a Muslim is allowed to lie, cheat and steal to forward the Muslim cause.  Just read their Book!

Is this marriage a political marriage of convenience, plus more?  If you remember back in 2008, Hillary Clinton was running for President, there were widespread rumors that she was involved in a romantic/sexual relationship with Huma Abedin, her ever present personal assistant.  Those rumors persist even today, while Hillary Clinton is Secretary of State.  The marriage of Anthony and Huma have put to rest most of those rumors.  This question remains today, all things considered is Huma an agent for the Saudi Government?  Don’t think this is far fetched, stranger things have happened in our Government.  That would at least answer some of the questions that I have.  Anthony Wienerwas and is a ultra liberals, hot headed with hot pants, that would make the perfect fit for Huma to be sufficient as an Agent for the Saudi Government.  Just remember Huma is a trusted aid to Hillary Clinton.  Also keep in mind Wiener did say publicly that he told Huma about his phone sex before they got married.

Claims have been made that Huma has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  Her mother is co-founder of a woman’s college in Saudi Arabia which is said to be affiliated with the Muslim Sisterhood, the female version of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Her mother is also alleged to be part of a charity with ties to al-Qaeda.  Saudi Arabia has a program to spread Islam in the West, her brother is a part of that group. 

Hillary has gone on record and said she wants to talk with the Muslim brotherhood, who less than a year before said they wanted to destroy Israel and America. This is one and the same Sec. of State Hillary Clinton that said on January 25th 2011 Egypt was STABLE. Yes you heard right Egypt was STABLE. On February 13th 2011 the constitution was suspended both houses of parliament dissolved. Eighteen days  before, Hillary said Egypt was STABLE, stable for who is the question? This does not surprise me since we have a Muslim living in the White House. “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” (quote from page 261 of “The Audacity of Hope” by Barrack Hussain Obama.)

Less than one month prior to going to Sadi Arabia in 2011 Sec. Clinton signed a document that lifted the ban on Tarig Ramadan allowing him to enter the U. S.. Ramadan is the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hasan al-Banna, and has ties to Islamic Terrorist Groups. The Clinton family played a key role in promoting Fethullah gulen, the extremely powerful Turkish Imam and notorious Islamist conspirator when he fled Turkey for the U. S. after attempting to overthrow Turkey’s Government. He was indited on this charge in 2000. He is one of Bill Clinton’s Muslim buddies. Makes one wonder who’s side the Clinton’s are on.

Just a word or two about Muslims. Islam teaches that Muslims must wage war to impose Islamic law on non-Muslim States. America’s Muslim groups are engaged in a huge cover-up of Islamic Doctrine and History. Today’s jihad terrorists have the same motives and goals as the Muslims who fought the crusaders. The qur’an is a book of bloody violence toward the non-Muslim world. One can not be a devout Muslim and a Patriotic American at the same time. America needs to remember!!! It is sacrilege in Islam for Huma’s mother to accept the reality that her daughter is married to a Jew. Yet neither Salcha nor Huma’s brother denounces her marriage to The Wiener, even after some of the highest authorities on Islamic Sharia rulings. Makes me wonder don’t you???

Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

May 31, 2012


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  Does America really think Obama would have gone to the Vietnam Memorial Wall if this was not an election year. Don’t you remember  where Obama stood on this issue four years ago? How many times does Obama have to change for America to wake-up?

  There are things coming from Obama that will blow your mind. This is one way things will play out, if Obama is behind in the polls in late August things will begin to happen in September and October. If Obama is ahead in late August and September, bad things will begin to happen after he is reelected.

  What are the bad things you ask? Occupy Main Street America is one, this is Obama’s crowd warming up for the kill. There will be riots in the streets of America, this Administration will try to make it racial. You and I know that the white man is afraid of the black man, oh yes you know that. Obama would start a war with Iran to win reelection, if you don’t know that you have your head in the sand. what do you think would happen if there were riots in the streets of America and war with Iran? Obama would declare Martial Law  then he could put off the election for an indefinite period of time.

  Are you sure you want to send those in Washington back for another term?

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